Monday, September 5, 2011

Holy Summer Batman!!

Anna and Sadie
Grandma Tenley, Anna and new cousin Kaylie
Anna and Mom
Anna after a hard day of work
Playing in the backyard
Oscar is 5!!!!!
Dad and Anna at Dad's Bday. Anna help make the cupcakes
Thomas enjoying a cupcake at Dad's Bday
Anna and Glenda the good witch
All the cousins on top of the Lions den
Thomas and Anna riding horses
Anna giving Poo a hug
You know when the summer has come to an end when dad starts heading back to school and we start heading back to Barb's. We had an awesome summer full of family and fun. It started with Uncle Jeff, Auntie Jen, and Sadie coming to town for a whole month of July. We got to play with Sadie everyday. I got another cousin in July when Auntie Jen had her baby girl, Kaylie, she is very cute. Thomas loves to hang out with her. At the end of the month Uncle Brad came for hockey school, and help us celebrate mom's 30th birthday!!!!!! We then had two birthday parties in row, Oscar and Dad's, but I learnt that dog birthday's aren't that exciting. Oscar just slept and ate like he usually does, and took a swim in his new kiddie pool. We had a chance to hang out in the Riding National Park a couple times this summer, and dad even took us up there to hang out with Grandma Tenley's brothers and sisters. Auntie Corie, Bonnie, Uncle Chuck, Uncle Blaine, a bunch of dad's cousins and eve Big Grandma came for a visit. We played in the cool park the whole time. Then out of the Blue Uncle Ty, Cousin Carter and Jamo finally came home to Dauphin to visit. We had bunch of picnics and even went trick or treating in August at Boo in the Park. We then decided it would be a good idea to go visit Dad's Grandma and Auntie in South Dakota. We were awesome travelers and had a great visit in Aberdeen. We even got to visit Story book land!!!!! I capped off the summer with Ava and Kara's birthday 5th birthday party!!!! I went on a hay ride, rode on a horse, jumped on a trampoline, ate cake, and got a goodie bag. What a summer!!!!!!! Well it's back to reality as I head back to Mini Franglais for two days a week this year, piano lessons and hopefully some dancing lessons. Tommydoo and I are headed back Barba's in the morning, wish us luck!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Anna!

Wow, it has been six months since our last post! Time is really flying by here!! We are not sure if anyone is still checking on us on here, but here are some pictures from the last 1/2 year if you are. :D
Thomas is a messy eater!
Playing outside in the cold.
Making Easter crafts.
Enjoying delicious cupcakes and Uncle Tannin & Auntie Sarah's wedding.
Mom and Dad at the Fargo marathon.
Anna after performing 3 'routines' at the year end music recital.
Mini Franglais wind-up. Total chaos, lots of fun!
4th birthday yesterday. We had a Rapunzel birthday party.
Mom & Anna after my birthday party.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Joyeux Noel

Thomas is not happy about having to go to this party ;(
Told Santa what I want for Christmas...
more fun
Concert time :)
Here are some pictures from our first Mini Franglais (Anna's preschool) Christmas party! It was total chaos and lots of fun!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Nov. 11
Anna holding hands with her snowman.
Loves his sled:)
Oscar :D
Some pictures of us enjoying the first snowy day in Dauphin:)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tommy-doo's Big Day

We celebrated Thomas' baptism and 1st Birthday a few weeks ago. Thought we would share some pictures of his big day:)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Dust has settled

Summer time at Grandma Church's ( I think we were homeless here)
My third birthday party at Grandma Church's.
Pictures at my friend Rachel's house on my birthday.
The Schmidts
More swimming at Grandma Church's
First day of Mini Franglais
Back yard of our new house from the swing set.
Our new swing set.
Thomas likes to eat leaves.
We have lots of leaves in our yard to play in. Dad really enjoys raking all of them.
Well first of all we would like to apologize for the 4 months of no posting. We made the big move to Dauphin over the summer and the dust has finally settled. Dad has started his new job at the high school, and of course he couldn't say no to coaching so he is helping out with the JV Boys Grade 10 volleyball team. Mom is getting ready for her new job at the hospital that will start mid October. I have already started to go my new day care at Barb's who I think 'is really nice'. I also started 'Mini Frog Leg' as Uncle Tannin calls it, and I love it. Thomas is almost one and has even started to walk. We love our new big house, and it even has a "park" in it. I think I like it here in Dauphin because so many people come and visit me everyday. We have tons of room in our house so everyone is welcome to come and have a visit. Talk to you soon and I promise it won't be 4 months this time.